Sunday, February 18, 2007

Envious Ahmadinejad

Yes another rare Qods pic. This one has Ahmadinejad looking on as the Qods march in unison doing their best Rockette high kick. It is rumored that Ahmadinejad took many vitamins as a child in hope of reaching the minimum height requirement to try out for the elite Qods brigade. Sadly he missed it by three feet.

Not Qods

See pay attention, these well dressed lads are sporting their new color coordinated outfits. These new uniforms were designed by the Ayatollah himself! Qods are too tough to wear this girly stuff.


In between missions, the Qods sometimes moonlight with Cirque de soleil in Vegas. This is frowned upon by the Ayatollah for obvious reasons.

About the Qods Force

The Qods (Jerusalem) Force, also called Al-Quds Force or simply Quds Force, is an elite unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) that carries out operations outside of Iran. The unit’s name, “Qods,” is the Persian word for Jerusalem.

In this blog you will find pictures of the rarely photographed Qods force along with my perceptive and important comments.